These vids are encoded in DivX5 format, which is not automatically recognised by Windows Media Player. To watch them, you have several options.

1) Download Koepi's Xvid codec. It's free and quick to download and install, and will allow you to view my vids in Windows Media Player.

2) Download the DivX Play media player (available both for Windows and Mac operating systems) and use it to open the files

3) Download VLC Media Player: this is my preferred option! Available for over 10 platforms, including Windows, Mac and several Linux builds, it's open source (unlike DivX Play and Windows Media Player) and can decode about any video format available (unlike Windows Media Player). It takes no place at all on your hard drive and, most importantly, it doesn't crash! I've been using this for months now and have nothing but good things to say about it.

Be warned that if you don't do either of these, you will probably not be able to watch the vids.


OK, guys, there's only one rule here: helping me save my bandwidth! If it's exceeded, I'll get slapped with a fine, and that is NOT fun! Plus, I may just take the site (and the vids) down altogether. That wouldn't be fun for you either! So please, be considerate!


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Thanks for watching! If you want to comment, just drop me a line: my email address is listed at the end of each vid.

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My Quarterly Challenges entries: have a peek! >>>

Title Small
Space Dye Vest
A Twisted Every Way
Judge's Choice Award-winner! 2006 POTO—
Most Dramatic Award 2006 Da Vinci Award
29 MB 88 MB
I'll Make a Man
Out of Raoul!
17 MB 39 MB
L'instant X 2006 Single-themed—
Most Dramatic Award
Lyrics (with translation)
20 MB 84 MB
Angel with
an Attitude 2006 Best Overall Award 2006 First-timer Award 2006 POTO—
Most Romantic Award 2006 Best Match of Music
to Video Award 2006 How'd They
Do That? Award
18 Mb 47 MB
Every You Every Me
19 MB 26 MB 61 MB
16 MB 26 MB 55 MB
Space Dye Vest: multiple award-winner!
L'instant X: award-winner!
Angel with an Attitude: multiple award-winner!